How do I apply for a variance? How long is the process?

The first step is to contact the Director of Building & Development Jennifer Bills to discuss your proposed variance. You will then be emailed the variance application and a summary of the variance process, application deadline, and public hearing dates.  The deadline for a complete application is below.


Submittal DateSubmittal Check DateNotification Posted (mailed & sign)Zoning & Planning Commission
 Meeting Date
BOA/City Council
 Meeting Date*
Must be received by 5:00 pm CDT
 (Monday unless City holiday)
All submissions must have all required items to enter review30 days in advance of meetingPublic Hearing (Wednesday)Public Hearing  (Wednesday)

No December ZAPCO


*Refer to Section 38.05.036: Notice of public hearing before zoning and planning commission for approval process.

Variances are first considered by ZAPCO for a recommendation, and then depending on the type of variance, the application will be forwarded to either the City Council or the Board of Adjustment. ZAPCO meets the third Wednesday of each month. If the variance is considered by City Council, it will go onto the immediately following City Council agenda, the fourth Wednesday of the month. If it needs to be considered by the BOA, it will go to the BOA agenda on the following month’s agenda on the second Wednesday. Variance applications are due to staff approximately 45 days prior to the ZAPCO meeting. Staff will handle public noticing requirements and will provide you with a public notice sign to place on your property. Please review the City’s Application Submittal Policy located online here: Application Submittal Policy

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