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Posted on: February 17, 2021

UPDATED: Water District 10 Boil Water Notice Lifted

Update: 2/24 @ 12:15pm

Travis County Water District 10 Boil Water Advisory has been LIFTED for all residents except Toreador Drive.  Due to a leak repair yesterday Toreador Drive remains under a boil water advisory with test results expected tomorrow.

Conservation Status: Emergency Water Restrictions have been LIFTED 

Update: 2/23 @12pm Boil Water Advisory Remains In Place

Please be advised that one of the six samples taken yesterday did not pass testing.  The District will be conducting additional flushing in that specific area  and will resubmit the sample to the lab today. Results will be available Wednesday afternoon and an update will be made available to the public at that time.  

Update on Emergency Use Only Water Conservation 2/22 @4:30pm


Travis County Water District 10’s distribution system is functioning at normal levels today.  Tank levels have been restored as supply has now outpaced system demand, this is due to a strong response from customers in their conservation efforts.


While our system has been restored it is important to remember that we are wholesale customers of the City of Austin and they are still trying to restore their system as well.  They have made really great progress but have not yet lifted their imposed restrictions.

Please see the full list of their remaining required conservation restrictions below:


Emergency Mandatory Water-Use Restrictions (as stated by City of Austin)

The following emergency mandatory water-use restrictions remain in place until further notice. These restrictions are necessary to ensure that adequate water supply is available to meet customer needs while the system returns to normal operations.

During emergency water restrictions, customers may not:

  • Use water for irrigation or testing of irrigation equipment
  • Wash vehicles, including at commercial car wash facilities
  • Wash pavement or other surfaces
  • Add water to a pool or spa
  • Conduct foundation watering, or
  • Operate an ornamental fountain or pond, other than aeration necessary to support aquatic life



*Once the District receives notice from City of Austin about a change in the conservation status we will notify the District customers, because it is not our system I do not have an estimated day this will take place.  However, I know they are making good ground to recovering.


The BOIL WATER ADVISORY is still in place for Travis County Water District 10.  Samples were taken to the lab this afternoon and we will post results tomorrow as soon as we know something.

Update related to Boil Water Advisory 2/22 @8:30am 

District 10 is still under a boil water advisory

The City of Austin has released the boil advisory in portions of their service area.  As a wholesale customer, our point of delivery is within the release zone.  This means that District 10 can begin sampling in our water service area and will send off to the lab for testing.  Testing results take 24 hours.  The District will inform customers of the results on Tuesday once they are in. District 10 shall remain under boil water advisory until further notice.

Emergency conservation updates will not be made until later this afternoon as we need time to assess the status of the system this morning.

Evening Update 2/20 @ 5pm

Good evening.  The District system is currently operating at approximately 75%.  We cannot emphasize enough how critical it is to continue conservation at this time.  While many of you have had your water service restored and are seeing normal pressure, we continue to have sections of the District with low pressure as well as a few streets with no service restored.  Just to clarify, the District does not rely on pumps to create pressure, it relies on large pumps to maintain tank elevations that will ultimately restore the systems normal pressure.  While we continue to make good progress it is a slow and steady process that is a balance of supply and demand.  Please check your irrigation and pool systems to ensure they are not on.  The vast majority of emergency calls have been home owner related issues that continue to tax manpower.  Plumbers are in short supply understandably and we are trying to assist with these issues as best as we can.  We understand the inconvenience of not using washing machines and dishwashers, however, emergency use conservation is what will help ensure the water is restored to all customers and keep things moving in the right direction.  We are greatly appreciative of all the effort the community is putting in to conserve.  I have been asked how long the emergency conservation efforts will be needed and I can confirm that it will be critically important until the system has a larger operating percentage.  I would make plans to continue through the weekend and we will keep you posted when we get closer to the goal

UPDATE 2/20 @8:30am

Many services have been restored but tanks are not full and still have a long way to go. Because of this we do have areas that are still waiting on service to return. Water use today should be for EMERGENCY USE ONLY. It is imperative that water use drops so we can continue to fill tanks and work to stabilize our distribution system

UPDATE 2/20 @8:00am

Crews will be working to repair the Toro Canyon leak and Pascal leak today, as well as restoring those affected customers (Toro Canyon/Beecher/portion of Pascal). If you are not on these streets and still do not have water please go ahead and send an email with your address to so we are aware. Our system has been continuing to push water out and we are at the point where it would be helpful to identify areas that have not had service return. We are aware that Hedge Lane is still without water and will be working on that as well, so no need to report Hedge Lane. Today will be a critical day to conserve water so that we can stabilize. Remember we are on a boil water advisory 

UPDATE 2/19 @7:00pm

Many water services have been restored while other customers continue to wait. We are seeing better pressures and getting more water pushed out as a result of crew’s efforts in the field.  We ask that those of you in service or coming in to service please protect the water supply available by using emergency conservation efforts. This will help ensure other members in the community are able to have service restored as quickly as possible and that your home maintains service. In bound pressure remains normal and water is moving through the distribution system. Please remember you are under a boil water advisory 

UPDATE 2/19 @3:30pm

Water System Status. Water District 10 has identified 2 large leaks and is actively pursuing others as they are reported. The combination of high customer demand and loss of water through leaks is challenging the supply to the system's tanks and ultimately the house line pressure. Residents who may have experienced pressure earlier today and have now lost it are going through this cycle. We are actively isolating large leaks that will inevitably isolate some residences in order to regain wider system pressure. Crews are working to address these repairs. No time commitment can be provided at this time due to the high volume of emergency calls. Restoring service is our absolute priority and crews are working quickly in the field. We continue to ask for your assistance in conserving as much water as possible. The inbound pressure to the District system remains normal. 

UPDATE 2/19 @1:35pm

Water District 10  - Monitor for leaks                      

Now that water is being restored and pipes begin to thaw we ask that if you have not signed up for you do so now. 

Monitoring this site will enable you to view your personal usage hourly and you can set up to receive an email or text if your electronic meter senses water running over 24 hours or a specified amount of gallons, customizable by you.

There are many tools available to you on this site and we strongly encourage all customers to enroll.


Sign up at:  An app is available to download on your mobile phone as well

You will need your billing zip code, account #, and email address.

When entering your account number it would look like 70615-063XXXXXXX (replace X with your specific numbers)

CRITICAL UPDATE – 2/19 @ 12pm

Incoming pressure remains normal however water use by customers is sky high.  It is IMPERATIVE that customers reduce all use to emergency use only at this time.

Resident’s should not be running dishwashers, washing machines, etc.

Rising temperatures should enable you to discontinue dripping faucets during the day today.  Be aware that if it freezes again tonight you may need to drip faucet.

Our tanks are struggling to keep up with demand and reducing water use immediately will enable us to continue bringing the system online and ensuring the most reliable water service for the entire District.

UPDATE 2/19 @8AM

The power was restored last night and incoming pressures at the Red Bud pump station remain normal.  McConnell pump station is full and we have begun filling other tanks, this process has been very time consuming.  We are finding that because the distribution system was so empty it is taking a long time to get water back through the mains and to the homes.  Positive news is we are not seeing any problems at this time and water is on its way to you.  I do not have an estimate of the time you should receive water, please just know that it is on its way and we will be on site trying to ensure it gets to your homes as soon as possible.  Please remember to boil  your water once it returns.

12:20AM 2/19/2021 Update for Water Outages/Boil Water Advisory/Emergency Conservation 

Austin Energy has completed working to repair our power outage at the McConnell pump station.  We have power at this time. 

We will begin the process of coming back online.  Lower elevations will see water service return first as the distribution system returns to service.  Once restored, it will take several hours to bring all District customers back to service.  This will be dependent of Austin Water being able to provide us with adequate water pressure.  We anticipate this taking place tonight.

We have received the following notice from Austin Water regarding their service capabilities at this time.  


Austin Water's treatment plants are operating in a stable mode at this time, but we are facing significant challenges to restore water distribution throughout the system. The citywide boil water notice continues, and all wholesale (and their customers) and retail customers are asked to boil water for drinking and cooking. Austin Water is working with the City's Emergency Operations Center to address the needs of critical customers, including hospitals and power plants.  We do not have a timeline on when full service will be restored at this time. We know that some customers do not have water service and returning your service is our priority. Austin Water will provide additional updates as they become available.


Currently we show to have normal pressure available so we ask that once water begins to return to customers you use emergency conservation efforts. This will help us ensure we are able to provide as much reliable service as possible until Austin has fully restored their capacity.  It is extremely critical that water conservation is used amongst all residents.


It should be noted that it is common to hear hissing noises upon opening your faucets.  This is most likely due to air pockets in the water lines.  Faucets should only be left running enough to flow a slow steady stream to relieve this then return to a closed or off position.  


Please remember we are on a boil water advisory

Original Advisory: Advisory for: Travis County Water District #10 Customers

Boil Water Advisory & Emergency Request to Conserve Water

Use Water District 10 currently has a power outage at the McConnell pump station. In order to continue to provide reliable service it is imperative that customers conserve water as much as possible. 

Out of an abundance of caution the District is now implementing a District wide boil water advisory. 

District 10 mainly encompasses: City of West Lake Hills, Westlake Highlands, Original Rob Roy, Old and New Camelot

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