Burn Ban Requirements

A burn ban is not in effect.  Please see the Travis County website for more information on the burn bans.

NEW Burn Ban Requirements in the City of West Lake Hills

The City Council of West Lake Hills approved Ordinance 2023-07 modifying requirements of Article 8.3 Burn Ban (new requirements in red).  Please see all requirements in the Code of Ordinances:  ARTICLE 8.03: BURN BAN

During a city burn ban, it is unlawful for any person to:

  • Burn any combustible material, including tobacco products, regardless of whether the burning occurs in an enclosure.
  • Order another person to burn any combustible material.
  • Engage in activities that create sparks or flames resulting in the burning of combustible material.
  • Park or drive any internal combustion engine on any type of combustible material.
  • Openly smoking within the public right-of-way, or other public property, or on a construction site.
  • Outdoor construction or maintenance activities, except as authorized in Section 8.03.005(b)(2).

Requirements for outdoor work:

  • A working fire extinguisher (10 lb. Class ABC) must be located within the site and easily accessible for the following activities:
    • All outdoor construction; or
    • All outdoor maintenance activities that utilize combustible fuel (i.e. chainsaw, lawnmower, etc.).
  • At least one water pressure fire extinguisher (2.5 gallon) per fire watch person located within 10 feet of the location where welding, cutting or grinding operations or hot works operations are being performed (as allowed in Section 8.03.005).

Violations may be subject to fines up to $2,000 per violation and the issuance of a stop work order that will remain in place until the burn ban expires.

If you have questions, please reach out to the City of West Lake Hills at 512-327-3628 or the Westlake Fire Department at 512-539-3400.