Wastewater Payment Arrangement

Keep Your Utility Account in Good Standing

A payment arrangement allows City of West Lake Hills Wastewater customers the opportunity to pay off a past-due bill balance to keep their utility accounts in good standing. With a payment arrangement, the past-due amount is spread out over a specified period of time — this amount is called a monthly installment.

Customers are required to pay the agreed-upon monthly installment, in addition to paying their monthly utility charges in full, by the bill due date each month. Paying both the monthly installment and current utility charges gives customers extra time to bring their utility accounts up to date.

Set Up a Payment Arrangement

Call 512-610-6837 or email the Wastewater Manager to set up a payment arrangement. The Wastewater Manager will review your account and determine if you are eligible, the terms, and the monthly installment amount.


The best way to ensure eligibility for a payment arrangement is to pay your current bill amount and your payment arrangement installment in full each month, or to bring the account current if your payment arrangement defaults.

You may not qualify for a payment arrangement if:

  • We’ve disconnected you for non-payment.
  • You have previously defaulted on a payment plan.